Cancelling Appointment Triggers Email Notification to Patient

Change Description (incl. Benefits)

When an appointment is cancelled, we would like the option to send an automated email to the patient notifying them of the appointment cancellation.
The email would be generated from a customizable email template. The provider cancelling the email would be able to select a reason from a dropdown list in the appointment UI that would then populate the email template. A note such as 'Cancellation email sent: 2020-03-03 11:52:01' will be recorded in the Appointment History notes section.

Note that this feature should be enabled/disabled with a feature toggle in the file.

Benefits of this change include:

1.When a physician is ill, we will be able to send out individual cancellation notifications immediately to patients with limited manual effort (at the click of a button)

2. When a patient cancels their appointment, the email will act as confirmation to the patient that the appointment was actually cancelled. There has been some cases where patients are charged a no show fee, but they state that they called in to cancel.

OSCAR Interaction points

-Edit Appointment window
-Appointment History window

Integration risks


Risks if not incorporated


Minimum testing requirements and process

With "appointment.sendCancellationEmail.enabled=true" set in

  • Open edit appointment window, cancel the appointment and choose to not send an email
    Result: appointment is cancelled and no further action is taken

  • Cancel an appointment and opt to send an email, selecting the reason for cancellation from the dropdown menu displayed
    Result: email is sent to the email address of the patient recorded on their demographic record and appointment history of demographic record is updated to reflect that the email was sent in the notes section

  • Cancel an appointment for a demographic record who does not have an email address on their demographic record
    Result: The cancellation email feature is not triggered, so provider is not prompted to send the email

[With "appointment.sendCancellationEmail.enabled=false" set in]:

  • Cancel appointment
    Result: Cancellation works as previous versions of OSCAR with no prompt to send email

Training requirements to support changes

Indicate to staff if "appointment_cancellation_email=true" set in that there will be an option to send email to demographic on appointment cancellation and demonstrate how the feature works

Time Estimate

Estimated Effort of work: 3d
Duration of work: 3w

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