Allergies for drugs that are missing from drugref do not trigger warnings


This is a bug report in two parts. It is a complicated bug report that is difficult to explain.

The first part is for OSCAR.
There seems to be a bug in drugref where "dormant" drugs are not imported into drugref via an Update. When a previously active drug that is added as an allergy to OSCAR is removed from drugref via an Update, OSCAR no longer triggers warning when prescribing a drug that should trigger a warning.

While this may seem to make sense, the drugs in allergies that are not found in drugref (and therefore cannot trigger any warnings) should somehow be highlighted on the RX module of OSCAR, so that a provider understands that no warning will be issued.

An example of this is provided below with the Keflex drugs.
Had a provider added a dormant Keflex drug to an allergy for a patient (prior to it becoming dormant), all other drugs in that family would trigger a warning when prescribing.
Once an update to drugref is run, the dormant Keflex drug is not imported into drugref (and is removed), and when prescribing a drug in that same family for the patient that has the allergy still set, no warnings are triggered.

The second part of this bug report is for drugref (we will try to post a bug in that project):
Drugs that are "dormant" should still be pulled into drugref so that allergies continue to function. Not sure if these drugs should be added to the inactive list or perhaps a new list needs to be created for the dormant drugs.

Here are two examples of DINs for two drugs (one dormant, the other active):
Keflex: 00244392 (Dormant)
Keflex: 00035645 (Active)

You can check them by going to Health Canada DPD:

The dormant drug does not get pulled into drugref.

Information about a change that occured to the structure of the files that drugref uses on September 2017 (scroll to Dormant Products):

Steps to Reproduce

With an older drugref that contains a now-dormant drug as active, add this drug as an allergy
Update drugref
– This drug is removed from drugref and the dormant drug is not imported
Prescribe a drug in the same family for the demographic with the allergy set

Expected Result

The warning cannot be triggered, because the drug is not available in drugref.. .however.. there must be someway to show the provider that warnings are not going to be displayed for the particular allergy because it cannot be found in drugref...

Observed Result

No warning is triggered. Provider does not notice that there is a potential allergy.

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