Antenatal Record allows for data to appear to not be saved

Change Description (incl. Benefits)

This is not actually an AR issue alone it is an issue with all forms since the forms when opened are editable by default. The issue is when multiple people access the form enter data and save the form it allows for data to be saved out of sequence and appear to not have saved. The AR has a locking feature which is beneficial but if users are allowed to enter data without having to use the locking feature then the issue can still occur.

A solution to this is to lock the form by default so that when the form is opened that it is in a view mode first. Then if a user wants to edit the form they need to select edit to unlock the form. This prevents any data from being entered, provides a visual distinction between view and edit modes and requires an action to unlock the form.

OSCAR Interaction points

Antenatal Record

Integration risks

I see no risk to the change but I do see a work flow change.

Risks if not incorporated

For instances where there are multiple people who access the same form at the same time or overlap access there is always a risk of the apparent loss of data and will also add to the amount of forms being saved to the database.

Minimum testing requirements and process

-test the form is in a locked state when opened
-test the "edit" feature which is the existing "unlock" feature works
-test that when the form is in edit mode on one workstation that it can be viewed on another but that the edit button is not available

Training requirements to support changes

Training not required but users should be notified of the change

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