Antenatal Record Change IPS Forms Name

Change Description (incl. Benefits)

In the ON AR Enhanced form on the left side column there is a green "Prompts" section with a "Forms" menu. Under this menu is a link name "IPS" which when clicked displays any eform added to an eform group with the same name "IPS". The change request was simply rename IPS to FTS. But since IPS is configured to an eform group that may have a series of eforms attached to it I would like to not force the change but to make this a property and IPS will be the default property so if someone does not want the change an OSCAR update will not affect them unless they choose to make the change. Also if the test changes again in the future it would be configurable and another code change would not be needed. The added benefit and my preferable is that the "Forms" link name would be customizable and then can also be changed to a more generic name if someone wants to reflect an array of eforms that includes the intended IPS or FTS.

OSCAR Interaction points

-Antenatal Form

Integration risks

N/A it is a label change and current state will be default

Risks if not incorporated

Risks are not high but since according to IPS is outdated It may not be clear to someone to find the correct forms from the Antenatal Record.

Minimum testing requirements and process

Test that if no property added IPS is still default
Test that when property added the name IPS changes to the intended
Test if property is added and blank that the default remains
Test if property is added that it will display intended eform group

Training requirements to support changes

I will provide details and screenshots to those who manage the online manual

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